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At the tire store - I stopped by after a flat on a road trip to Zion. They did an amazing job and fixed the nail holes quickly for a very reasonable rate, and got us back on the road. Wes and Heath were very professional and friendly. Couldn’t recommend more highly!
-Cameron S.
Best gas station ever. Went in daily for hot chocolate (both mornings and nights) to get my fix, for I apparently aquired a hot chocolate addiction during my stay. Gas prices were priced just right. All the ladies working there were absolutely wonderful and cheerful anytime my cousin and I walked in. Great customer service along with winning smiles. We even stopped in to say goodbye. If you want a great ambiance. If you want to feel like you're at home go to RALLY'S!!!!!
-Elizabeth L.
This is a great place for good firewood in the area with big bags and a good price. They also have reasonable priced camper items (ice, gas, beer, hats, etc). Friendly staff and close parking.
-Lisa G.
People working there are very friendly. Not too busy which is nice. Good coffee and drink selection. Some of the local cattle haulers thought it'd be a good idea to attempt to assert their masculinity by blocking the exit. It's hard to seem manly when you barely come to 5ft, but hey, whatever.
-Sara H.